Complaints Procedure

Our Complaints Protocol In the event that you wish to lodge a complaint, please get in touch with us, furnishing the details of your concern. You may choose to communicate your complaint in written form, via email, or by telephone.

What Comes Next?

  1. We will document your complaint in our central register and create a dedicated file for your specific issue. Additionally, we will inform you about the designated individual who will be responsible for addressing your complaint. This notification will be provided within a 24-hour period subsequent to receiving your complaint. To ensure impartiality, this individual will not have had direct involvement in the subject matter of your complaint, and will possess the authority to resolve it.
  2. Subsequently, we will initiate an investigation into your complaint, following these steps:
    • Your complaint will be transferred to our complaints team within three days.
    • The assigned officer will review the matter along with the information available in your file. If required, the officer may also engage in discussions with the designated solicitor and/or yourself. This process will conclude within three days from the receipt of the response and file.
  3. The officer will subsequently furnish you with a report, with the aim of resolving your complaint. Within a four-week timeframe from the receipt of your complaint, we will send you either:
    • A final response that effectively addresses your complaint; or
    • A holding response, detailing the reasons behind our inability to resolve the complaint at present, along with an indication of when further communication will occur.
  4. Should eight weeks elapse from the date of your complaint, we will send you either:
    • A final response that adequately addresses the complaint; or
    • A response that: (i) Clarifies the ongoing delay in providing a final response, outlining the causes for the extended timeline and indicating the anticipated date for furnishing a final response; and (ii) Advises you that if you are dissatisfied with the delay, you may escalate the complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.
  5. Within five days of the conclusion of the review, we will communicate the outcome to you. Simultaneously, we will dispatch a written communication outlining our ultimate position concerning your complaint and the rationale behind our decision.
  6. In cases where we deem it appropriate, we will offer redress, which may include equitable compensation for any actions or oversights for which we bear responsibility. This redress may not invariably involve financial restitution.
  7. If our response does not meet your satisfaction, or if the complaint remains unresolved after the eight-week period, you retain the option to refer the complaint to the following entity: Legal Ombudsman PO Box 6806 Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ Tel: 0300 555 0333 Email:
  8. Should your complaint pertain to the behavior of a member solicitor, we will provide guidance on reporting the matter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the regulatory body for solicitors. In cases where adjustments to the aforementioned timelines are necessary, we will promptly inform you and provide a rationale for the alteration. For any inquiries related to this policy, please feel free to contact us: Tel: 0800 047 2017 Email: